G87 Dyno Day at RPG

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After 6 months of ownership, it would be an understatement to simply say that we are enjoying the G87 M2 over here at Milltek. We might even be so bold as to say, this is Brit’s (Our General Manager) favorite car…ever. But one question we have not been able to definitively answer is “How much power is it making?” 

Until now.

With the progression of our G87 exhaust suite now reaching its full potential, we wanted to put the new systems to the test on our daily driven M2 and showcase not just the gains, but also the distinct note that comes from each of our different setups. From a true non-resonated dual 3” system, to setups that include our newly-released 102mm Single Mid Pipe and X-Pipe, we are proud to say the M2 benefits greatly from the addition of a Milltek performance exhaust system. 

With the help of our good friends at Red’s Performance Garage here in East Tennessee, we spent the day fitting our car with each of the different options to collect dyno numbers, sound clips and driving footage - all with the express purpose of helping you decide which is the right one for you. 

You’ll certainly want to watch the YouTube video linked below to hear each of the setups in a static situation as well as a fly-by and some mic’d up driving clips, but for those simply looking to see the dyno results, we have posted the charts here in the blog for your convenience. 

Please note: our M2 is equipped with the Milltek Large Bore Downpipes and HJS Hi-Flow Sports Cats (SSXBM1235) as well as the Ramair ProRam Intake Kit with Carbon Lid (PRK-276-BK). While it is also equipped with a RaceChip tuning box, the box was set to Stock for these dyno pulls. If you watch all the way to the end of the YouTube video there is a treat for those who want to see what kind of gains the RaceChip gives us.

Once you’ve enjoyed the different sounds, shoot us a message to order your setup and get your M2 ready for 2024 Show Season!

Vehicle Info:

G87 M2

5,000 on the Odometer

Run Number 1

  • Exhaust Setup: Non-Resonated Cat-Back with Dual 3” Secondary Cat Bypass Pipes

  • 476whp / 456tq at 2,820RPM

Run Number 2

  • Exhaust Setup: Non-Resonated Cat-Back with Single 102mm Mid Pipe and X-Pipe

  • 478whp / 450tq at 2,670RPM

Run Number 3

  • Non-Resonated Cat-Back with Dual 3” Secondary Cat Bypass and X-Pipe 

  • 481whp / 444tq at 2,950RPM

Run Number 4

  • Non-Resonated Cat-Back with 102mm Single Mid Pipe

  • 483whp / 452tq at 2,720RPM

Run Number 5

  • Non-Resonated Cat-Back with 102mm Single Mid Pipe and RaceChip set to Level 6

  • 571whp / 503tq at 5,680RPM


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