Hyundai N Development Complete

We attend shows and events as much as possible, and one of the things we heard time and time again from N owners was that these models have so much untapped potential hiding underneath the surface. You can hear it just from the startup on a bone stock Hyundai N - there is so much sound being restricted. We knew we were uniquely suited to provide a solution that would give N owners just what they are looking for. Straight away, we made the decision to bring in all three back to back to ensure we have an option for every shape and size - Veloster N, followed by Kona N, capped with the Elantra N. 

One of the first things we did was get to testing and improving the back pressure. This involved testing with each of the N mufflers we had previously developed for the European market, with several stages of adjustment until we were satisfied with the data. From there, it was on to the front half of the system.

Compared to the i20 and i30 out of Europe, the US Market vehicles required a full redevelopment of the front half due to the different heat shielding. Since we were already changing the front silencer to fit within the chassis tunnel, we used some of the same technology that we used on the GR Corolla system to create a drone-free front resonator that provides a significant amount more volume than OEM.

Speaking of volume, we utilize Milltek designed and developed valved outlets that are removable from the muffler. Therefore, you’ll maintain OEM valve mode settings, though a remote valve controller is available for those who wish to have more control over when their valve opens and closes.

As always, our systems are manufactured from T304L stainless steel, and the N systems are a full 3” in diameter. Capped by dual 5.5” tips in your selection of polished or Cerakote black, the Milltek Hyundai N Cat-Backs will be in stock and available very soon for shipment. To inquire more about these systems, and to secure your spot on the pre-order list, contact us at [email protected]


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